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Objective and Cover Letter

Hello, my name is Andreas Tyrosvoutis. I am a Hellenic-American currently residing in Greece. I currently have American citizenship and at some point in the future, I would like to achieve EU citizenship through my Greek heritage. Unfortunately a requirement of this is to serve in the Greek military which is mandatory for males.

I moved to Greece about 1.5 years ago to be closer to my family. I was born in California where I grew up in and around Silicon Valley where much of my passion and experience for technology came from this environment. The pace of growth of  the technology industries in the USA, especially in California, created a wealth of job and learning opportunities that I am happy and proud to have experienced.

I enjoy working where new ideas and creativity are valued and encouraged. I often have unique methods for problem solving and project development and quickly learn new ideas and technology. I have a wealth of knowledge and carry a deep respect for others idea and viewpoints.

I am a valuable addition to any team, and I am also capable of completing projects solely on my own. I don't mind challenges, but I can be frustrated if I don't have the support of others.

I believe that it is important to have fun with the people I work with. It encourages personal and team growth, as well as creating a sense of harmony and flow that fosters an ideal work space.

 I am really impressed with AJAX and its capabilities to transform the state of web applications. I would like to have the opportunity to use my technical knowledge to promote and develop interesting ideas and technologies.

I would consider myself a Windows systems and Internet Technologies expert as well as having superb TCP/IP qualifications and experience. I would also consider myself an expert with Linux systems administration and development even though I feel it is an area that is constantly progressing and maturing at a pace that is difficult to consider oneself an expert in.

Work Experience

Windows / Linux Administrator and Open source Integrator

4/2007 - 9/2007  Silktech O.E, Patras, Achaea

§      Silktech O.E is a web application design and technical services firm, focusing on AJAX technologies to provide customized Web 2.0 applications for corporate networks and their internet presence.

§      I was hired to administrate the development and hosting servers for our staff of programmers and developers to ensure that development progressed unhindered. This included CVS and Subversion management tools as well as Rsync and SSH replication.

§      I was also responsible for maintaining our web hosting server running Cpanel 10 / 11, hosting 100+ sites, and many of them running state of the art Web 2.0 applications developed by Silktech. Responsibilities included operating system upgrades and security auditing. Also account administration, backup strategy, and Cpanel customizations (Parallel installs of MySQL 4.x and 5.x) to support development.

§      I also was responsible for migrating and documenting some web application servers from their current to a newer Linux platform including making a fail over strategy for some of our 24/7 applications. One such project was the Supercargo project.

§      Supercargo is a shipping and cargo management company for large shipping vessels and containers in the Mediterranean. This was a high volume fax server that is used as the primary means of communication for Supercargo of Patras, Greece. The user interface was the Silktech FAX web 2.0 application which gave the users access to the faxes via a web based email like interface. This application is based around the HylaFAX open source application and Linux CentOS and programmed in PHP with AJAX technologies.

§      Because there was no existing documentation, I had to reverse engineer the existing installation and replicate it on a new server without affecting the existing server’s uptime.  Documentation and development of the installation, migration and fail over procedures and also tuning and migration of the PHP, MySQL (4.x to 5.x) server and Apache (1.3x to 2.x) configurations and databases was also performed by me.

§      I also spent some time researching and testing another open-source project, the Trixbox Project. This is an all-in-one VOIP solution for homes and businesses.

§      I also used my windows administration experience to create customized builds of Windows XP containing fully patched and additional drivers for modern hardware. These installation discs also contained additional customizations such as domain settings and policies for customer networks, and pre-installed software like in an OEM environment.

Business Partner and Network Administrator

1/2003 - 12/2006  PhatLan Enterprises LLC., Merced, Ca

§      This was a small technical service business focusing on Health care Industries.

§      As a Business Partner and Administrator of Phatlan I was responsible for not only the technical aspects of our service orientated business, but I also performed business management tasks such as documentation and corporate related administration.

§      Our company provided tech support and other technical services to our customers, mostly doctors and nurses from both private and public health care offices. We also had other clients such as from real estate businesses and individuals. Most of my experience here was with medical industry related technologies.

§      Some of our services included, integrating various open source and free software packages to assist with digital asset management of radiology and related imaging technologies, software to assist with customer and patient information,  and developing strategies for large dataset storage and long term archival.

§      John C. Fremont Hospital    - Mariposa, CA

§      Installed a hardware/software based VPN network and additional T1 to allow remote read access for doctors of radiology that could connect and view patient x-ray data remotely. Also developed and maintained a PACS server for radiology image storage and archival.

§      Merced MRI                                   - Merced, CA

§      I developed a high volume Linux based PACS server that was created from several  open source packages and various shell scripting for maintenence.  Also created a remote access strategy similar to the John C. Fremont Hospital.

§      I was also involved in Web Design, PHP / MySQL Programming, Web hosting (Ensim), network infrastructure design and implementation, end user support such as 24/7 telephone support for doctors and nurses, application support (Microsoft Office, etc.), hardware repair, large storage server design and purchasing.

Jr. Network Administrator

12/2002 - 12/2003  Anchor Auto Body and Frame, Sunnyvale, Ca

§      At this job, my actual years of employment are not accurately represented. For a period of time of approximately 7 years of continued involvement ending in 2003, I was working here part time as an independent employee / contractor.

§      As the auto repair industry is a customer oriented industry, Anchor Auto Body was continually pushing the use of available technology to provide excellent service to their customers. For example, we were the first repair shop to enable our customers to check on the status of their vehicles via our web page and email.

§      My main responsibility was to enable excellent technical service for the representatives at Anchor. During the time spent at Anchor Auto Body I performed a variety of tasks...

§      Windows NT / 2000 and Novell 3.12 Server administration –

§      The network topology at Anchor consisted of one Novell 3.12 server, a Windows NT 4.0 server, and for a time a Linux server for hosting web pages and mail services. These machines serviced a base of 10-11 workstations running Windows 98, ME. Eventually I migrated this network to Windows 2000 active directory on both the Novell and the Windows server, as well as Windows 2000 Professional on the workstations.

§      The choice to migrate to Windows 2000 was a decision I made based on the needs of our users and the improved stability provided by a modern operating system. This network was also a prime candidate for the additional administration tools, Group Policy, and better internet tools.

§      I was also responsible for aspects of our internet presence. I designed and  created the first version of our customer oriented website as well as maintained the later revisions. Email administration and web hosting was also provided in house.

§      Almost all hardware repair and purchasing decisions were made on my recommendations. Most upgrades and repairs to workstations, servers, and the networking equipment  was also performed by me.

§      I also learned to maintain and integrate specialized equipment such as Automotive Framing machines and Laser alignment systems to the network. I also gained some experience with fiber optic networking for our paint mixing department due to the requirements of a zero tolerance for fire and spark hazards.

Jr. Network and Web server Administrator

8/1999 - 11/2002  / GX Media, Richmond, Ca

§      When I first joined it was a fast-paced, intense work environment typical of the dot-com startup era.  I was hired a few weeks before the initial launch of our products and services. Initially the company was composed of about 30 individuals, mostly undergraduates from and around CSU Berkeley, CA.

§      I was a network administrator thrust into learning and providing support, debugging, and testing of web applications and web technologies. I spent time load testing our web servers running Internet Information Server 4.0, IIS,  and simulating traffic patterns to ensure our site would be available once launched. I also maintained our farm web server machines located in a collocation service hosted in in San Jose, CA)

§      After the launch of our site, our companies employee base expanded 4X (over 100 people), and the need for normal network administration increased. We were one of the first companies to use Windows 2000 technologies, both in testing and production environments. Windows 2000 was released on February 17, 2000, and we were using beta versions of Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 from approximately 6 months earlier. Both in our internal network, and IIS 5.0 from Windows 2000 for our web servers. I learned to support and maintain the Windows 2000 class of operating system in a corporate environment even before it was released. It was important to provide excellent support for our editors, programmers, and other staff.

§      Because of the increase in employee's we also moved to a new location. This location was in Richmond, CA. I oversaw designing the plans and hired the contractors to create the network infrastructure for our Richmond,CA office. We had some specialized requirements which made planning and choosing a contractor a careful process. Wiring had to be dropped from the ceiling to accommodate the wide open spaces as well as the multiple network ports to each work station (4 per user, this was for development and expansion purposes). The final project was close to $100,000 worth of labor and materials (including Cisco switches and routers).

§      Other technologies where I gained hands on experience in this position. Microsoft SQL Server and reporting technologies, I was responsible for generating reports for our sales staff in order to sell advertising on our site. Load Balancing and Web server scaling technologies, I spent time researching and getting familiar with various aspects (software and hardware) of this technology. Linux Administration Hardware Repair, Assembly, Debugging and Server Design and  Large system backup using Veritas Backup Solutions.

Jr. Network Administrator

1/2001 - 8/2001  Valent USA, Walnut Creek, Ca

§      I worked in the Walnut Creek office with a team of five individuals providing technical service and support for this company. Our team provided application and hardware support for approximately 100 employees.

§      My position as a Jr. Network Engineer was to assist our Sr. Network Engineer, Mark Newcomb, with any day to day maintenance, new projects and expansion that our company required. As well as provide additional support to our first line techs and employees.

§      The network was a Windows NT 4.0 domain, with a primary domain and two secondary domain controllers. Additionally there were about 100 workstations in a mixed environment of Windows 98/NT. Some of my responsibilities included day to day maintenance on our Windows NT servers, including updates and backups. I was also responsible for accounting for our Windows domain, as well as security auditing on our networks.

§      A major project that I was instrumental in the design process for was the plans for a Virtual Private Networking project that would connect our 14 remote sales offices located in different states in the Midwest to the main office in California via frame relay connections over the internet. This project used the Windows NT VPN / RAS with distributed secondary domain controllers to communicate with the remote offices, and dial-up accounts with VPN software for our mobile sales force. The main idea behind the project was to simplify our Windows domain administration and improve service and support for our nationwide sales force.

§      Also there was an SUN / Solaris server that functioned as the NAT/Firewall device for the internal network to provide access to the internet. It was one of my responsibilities to migrate our existing T1 internet connection, from our Solaris Firewall / NAT to a Windows based software Firewall / NAT. To complete this I installed and configured a Verio Software Firewall solution and did a basic configuration of the NAT and port mapping settings to replicate the Solaris machine's settings.

§      Additionally there was also an IBM AS/400 accounting server, which I did not provide support for but I did get some hands on experience and knowledge.

Self Employed Web Designer and Computer Services

8/1997 - 7/2000  Mariposa Graphic Arts, Mariposa, Ca

§      Small self run business focusing on early Internet services and networking.

§      Web page design (HTML), graphic designs, logos and image editing. Internet advertising consultant and lead Web Designer for clients desiring a clear informative presence on the Internet.

§      On-site computer repair, configuration and installation of software and hardware for clients in their home and offices.

§      Computer purchasing and assembly for businesses and individuals and basic networking support for businesses. (Windows 9x workgroups)


6/2001 - 6/2001  Cisco Certified Network Associate, San Jose, Ca

§      Professional

§      Wave Technologies Boot Camp


§      Cisco ID: CSCO10310543

4/2001 - 4/2001  Microsoft Certified Professional, San Jose, Ca

§      Professional

§      Wave Technologies Microsoft Boot Camp


§      MCP ID# 2417434


Apache 1.x 2.x    

Cpanel Web Hosting Operating System    

Ensim Web Hosting Operating System    

Kernel Compiling and Optimization 2.4x / 2.6x    

Linux Administration (Redhat, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Cent    

Mail Administrator - Sendmail Exim Qmail     

Microsoft IIS 5 and 6    

Mysql 4 / 5 Administration     

PHP 4 / 5 Administrator    

Plesk 7.5 / 8.x Web Hosting Operating System    

Shell (bash) programming    

Symantec Products - Ghost Antivirus Enterprise    

TCP / IP Networking    

VM Ware Products - ESX Server (Windows / Linux)

Subversion Administration + Other CVS like applications